Emergency PZZ pro letadla zapsaná v Leteckém rejstříku ČR vydaná v roce 2014

Emergency AD’s for aircraft registered in the Aircraft Register of the Czech Republic issued in 2014 

Účinnost od
Effective date

2014-0267-E 11.12.2014 Airbus – Letadla Modely A330, A340 Airplane Flight Manual – Undue Activation of Alpha Protection – Emergency Procedure 
2014-0238-E 4. 11. 2014AgustaWestland S.p.A (dříve Agusta S.p.A.), AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp. (dříve Agusta Aerospace Corp.) – Vrtulníky Modely A109, AW109, A119, AW119 Main Rotor Drive – Main Gear Box Support Assembly Nuts – Inspection / Replacement 
DCA/750XL/15A-E 26. 6. 2014Pacific Aerospace Corporation Ltd. – Letadla Modely 750XL Control Column Attachment – Modification
2014-0135-E 29. 5. 2014Airbus Helicopters (dříve Eurocopter, Eurocopter France, Aerospatiale) – Vrtulníky Modely AS 355 Air Conditioning – Cabin Ventilation Air Scoop Drainage – Inspection 
2014-0112-E 7. 5. 2014 SCHEMPP-HIRTH VÝROBA LETADEL, spol. s r.o.
VSO 10 and VSO 10C Sailplanes
Stabilizers – Vertical Stabilizer / Lower Rudder Hinge – Inspection