Emergency PZZ a důležité dokumenty k zachování letové způsobilosti letadel pro letadla zapsaná v Leteckém rejstříku ČR (od 07/2011)

Emergency AD’s and important documents for continuing airworthiness of aircraft registered in the Aircraft Register of the Czech Republic (from 07/2011) 

PZZ přidané v roce 2020 a 2021

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02.02.2021Airbus Helicopters
AS 350 B, AS 350 BA, AS 350 B1, AS 350 B2 and AS 350 D helicopters, all serial numbers (s/n), except those that have embodied AH modification (MOD) MC20096; and AS 355 E, AS 355 F, AS 355 F1 and AS 355 F2 helicopters, all s/n, except those that have embodied MOD MC20096
ATA 25 – Equipment / Furnishings – Cyclic Stick Grip UP/DOWN Hoist Control Switch – Modification
AD 2021-0023 superseded emergency EASA AD 2020-0017-E
FAA 2020-24-0220.11.2020The Boeing Company – letadla – 737-8 a 737-9 (737 MAX)

AD 2020-24-02 supersedes AD 2018-23-51, which required revising certificate limitations and operating procedures of the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) to provide the flightcrew with runaway horizontal stabilizer trim procedures to follow under certain conditions. This AD requires installing new flight control computer (FCC) software, revising the existing AFM to incorporate new and revised flightcrew procedures, installing new MAX display system (MDS) software, changing the horizontal stabilizer trim wire routing installations, completing an angle of attack (AOA) sensor system test, and performing an operational readiness flight, for more details see relevant AD.
20.10.2020Hoffmann Propeller GmbH & Co. KG – vrtule – HO-V 72 všech výrobních čísel
ATA 61 – Propellers – Propeller Hub – Inspection / Replacement
18.11.2020Airbus Helicopters – vrtulníky – AS 350 B, AS 350 BA, AS 350 BB, AS 350 B1, AS350 B2, AS 350 D a AS 355 E, AS 355 F, AS 355 F1, AS 355 F2, AS 355 N všech výrobních čísel
ATA 64 – Tail Rotor – Tail Rotor Blades – Inspection / Replacement / Modification
02.10.2020GE Aviation Czech s.r.o. – M601D, M601D-1, M601D-11, M601D-11NZ, M601E, M601E-11, M601E-11A, M601E-11AS, M601E-11S, M601E-21, M601F, M601F-22, M601F-32, M601FS, M601T, H75-200, H80-100, H80-200 and H85-200 engines, all serial numbers
ATA 73 – Engine Fuel & Control – Fuel Control Unit – Replacement
ihnedSandia attitude indicator
ihnedAirbus HelicoptersAS 350 B, BA, BB, B1, B2, B3 and D helicopters, and AS 355 E, F, F1, F2, N and NP helicopters, all serial numbers, if an affected part, as defined in this AD, is installed, except helicopters on which Airbus Helicopters modification (MOD) 073232 has been embodied in production, or AH AS350 Service Bulletin (SB) No. 53.00.58 and AS355 SB No. 53.00.34, as applicable, have been embodied in service.
ihnedThe Boeing Company – letadla – Model  737-300, -400, -500, -600, -700, -700C, -800, -900 a -900ER
Inspections of the engine bleed 5th stage check valves – This Emergency AD provides information continued operational safety activities related to the engine bleed 5th stage check valves
09.07.2020Motory GE Aviation Czech s.r.o. (dříve Walter Engines a.s.) H80-200 v kombinaci s vrtulemi Avia Propeller AV-725, které jsou instalovány na letadlech Aircraft Industries (AI) L 410 UVP-E20 a L 410 UVP-E20 CARGO, a motory H85-200 (konfigurace BC04) v kombinaci s vrtulemi Avia Propeller AV-725, které jsou instalovány na letadlech AI L 410 NG
25.03.2020BLANIK AIRCRAFT CZ s.r.o. – L 23 Super-Blaník sailplanes, all serial numbers
Requires visual inspection before next flight of Rudder control cable attachment screws and hinge bolts for cracks.
09.03.2020Textron Aviation Inc. (Type Certificate previously held by Cessna Aircraft Company) – M210 series
Requires visual and eddy current inspections of the carry-thru spar lower cap. This AD was prompted by the in-flight break-up of Model T210M due to fatigue cracking that initiated at a corrosion pit.
22.1.2020CEAPR – letadla – DR 400/100, DR 400/120, DR 400/120 A, DR 400/120 D, DR 400/140, DR 400/140 B, DR 400/160, DR 400/160 D, DR 400/180, DR 400/180 R, DR 400/180 S a DR 400 NGL
ATA 75 – Air – Air Intake Duct – Modification / Inspection
ihnedThe Boeing Company – letadla – 737-300, -400, -700
Modified to a Bedek Division Special Freighter (BDSF) by supplemental type certificate (STC) ST01566LA, ST01961SE, or ST02556SE, with a 9G rigid barrier
25.12.2019 XtremeAir GmbH – letadla – XA41, XA42
ATA 71 – Power Plant – Engine Mount – Inspection
ATA 11 – Placards & Markings – Aerobatics Manoeuvres Prohibited – Installation
ATA – Aircraft Flight Manual – Section Limitations – Amendment

Důležité dokumenty k zachování letové způsobilosti letadel

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SIB 2020-14
ihnedPitot-Static Issues After Storage due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
CI 2020-12
ihnedCertification Information on the transfer of Supplemental Type Certificates due to change of Company registration for Air Ambulance Technology GmbH
SIB 2020-02R5
ihnedCoronavirus ‚SARS-CoV-2‘ Infections – Operational Recommendations
SIB 2020-05
ihnedAircraft Maintenance Programme under Part-ML
Transport Canada
CASA 2019-08
ihnedSuspected unapproved parts alert – Aircraft parts distributed by Sofly Aviation Services, Inc.
SIB 2020-03
ihned Data Link Exemptions and Flight Plans

ihnedMotory CFM International, S.A. CFM International (CFM) International LEAP–1B21, LEAP –1B23, LEAP –1B25, LEAP –1B27, LEAP –1B28, LEAP –1B28B1, LEAP –1B28B2, LEAP –1B28B2C, LEAP –1B28B3, LEAP –1B28BBJ1 a LEAP-1B28BBJ2 instalované na letadlech Boeing 737-8 a -9 (MAX)
FAA’s ongoing activities related to multiple in-flight shutdown (IFSD) events

PZZ vydané na výrobky uvedené v Příloze I Nařízení Evropského parlamentu a Rady (EU) 2018/1139, které nepatří pod působnost EASA (od07/2011)

AD’s for aircraft (products) indicated in Annex I of Basic Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 and registered in the Aircraft Register of the Czech Republic (from 07/2011)

Číslo PZZ/AD NumberÚčinnost od/Effective dateVýrobce-Typ-Model/Manufacturer-Type-ModelPředmět/Subject
DLP-0879-1229. 12. 2012Antonov Company
Letadla – Antonov An-2
Implementation of the Instruction for continued airworthiness for the Antonov An-2 airplanes (all modifications) No.