Unmanned Aircraft

Since 31st December 2020 the common European regulatory framework for unmanned aircraft systems is being implemented in the Czech Republic. Comprehensive and up-to-date information on unmanned aircraft issues is available on the Civil Aviation Authority (hereinafter referred to as “CAA-CZ”) website https://www.caa.cz/provoz/bezpilotni-letadla/. The information is currently available in the Czech language only. English translation is in progress. Thank you for your understanding.

Please be aware, that for all unmanned aircraft operated in the Czech republic, regardless of the purpose of use (Recreational and Sport Flying/Aerial Work/Corporate Flights), special operational conditions apply (airspace limitations, geographical zones).

Working translation of the corresponding measure is available here:
General Measure LKR10 – UAS (english)

We would like to draw you attention especially to the requirement to observe a safe distance during flight from a congested area (significantly limiting the possibility to operate an aircraft in a city), from people, vehicles and construction, from airports, from other air traffic and environmentally protected areas. 

Operation within restricted/prohibited airspace zones is generally prohibited. The zones can be seen on the following website: https://dronview.rlp.cz/. Operation of unmanned aircraft in Prague for example would most probably collide with LKR9 Restricted area (area covering most of Prague) and possibly with LKP1 Prohibited Area (area around Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Vltava river).

Note: Please be aware that by committing an offence against the Act No 49/1997 Coll., on civil aviation and amending Act No 455/1991 Coll., on trade licensing (Trade Licensing Act) as amended, as amended (Air law) you may be facing a penalty from 50 000 up to 5 000 000 CZK if processed in an administrative proceeding.


For information in this area, please contact the competent manager.

  • Viktor Nath
    External Relations and Special Activities Department Director
    +420 225 421 726
  • Petr Plaček
    Unmanned Aerial System Section Manager
    +420 225 421 234
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