Postal and visitor´s address:
Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic
K letišti 1149/23
160 08 Prague
Czech Republic

+420 225 421 111

Secretary (Executive Office):
+420 225 422 080

General Fax:
+420 220 561 823



ID No.


Payment details:

Czech National Bank, account No. 3727061/0710

Acceptable formats:

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic can accept documents in the following formats: TXT, RTF, HTML, PDF, JPG, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), LibreOffice formats and audiovisual formats (for example AVI, MP3 – only native Windows codecs are supported). The file format must match its extension! For example, if we receive a file with a DOC extension, but in fact it matches the DOCX format (just saved with a wrong extension), the system automatically discards the whole message due to security reasons. Please avoid using macros.

CAA cannot accept any damaged or infected files due to security reasons. In case of successful e-mail delivery, we send you a delivery notification. If everything is in order we send you another confirmation that your submission was registered with a specific reference number.