CAA CZ exercises state administration, among others, in the following areas of civil aviation:

  • aircraft register
  • aircraft airworthiness
  • eligibility of parts, appliances and air ground facilities
  • aviation personnel
  • appointing medical assessors and health care providers for the purposes of examining medical fitness of aviation personnel and issuing respective  medical reports
  • airports and air structures (CAA CZ is a special building office for air structures)
  • designation of airports as schedules facilitated or coordinated
  • authorisation of a coordinator of a coordinated airport to allocate slots to air carriers
  • use of airspace of the Czech Republic and air services
  • coordination of civil and military operations
  • UAS
  • authorisation of air services providers
  • commercial air transport
  • civil aviation security
  • issuance and updating national programmes
  • background checks of persons entering the security restricted area unescorted
  • passengers complaints concerning compensation and assistance to passengers in the events of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights
  • responsibilities in other areas of civil aviation pursuant to EU regulations