History of Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic and its relevant memberships.

  • 1944 Czechoslovakia became ICAO Member State
  • 1965 establishment of State Aviation Inspectorate
  • 1970 Czechoslovakia and USA signed a bilateral agreement
  • 1991 Czechoslovakia became ECAC member
  • 1995 State Aviation Inspectorate and FAA signed a contract concerning Operating procedures
  • 1996 Czech Republic became candidate member in JAA
  • 1996 Czech Republic became EUROCONTROL member
  • 1997 CAA CZ established by Section 3 of the Act No. 49/1997 Coll. on civil aviation
  • 2000 Czech Republic became full member state of JAA
  • 2004 Czech Republic became EU member – implementation of EU Regulations and Directives
  • 2005 CAA CZ signed contract with EASA on mutual providing of the services between EU and CAA CZ

The Czech Republic understands the standards of ICAO as a basis for the safety in global civil aviation. The essential condition for competitiveness of the Czech civil aviation within EU and world aviation was ensured after the Czech Republic entry into JAA and has continued with the EU membership.
“European aviation rules” have legal obligatory and enforceable character in the Czech Republic.
On 26 April 2005 a Service Contract concerning the provision of services to EASA by the CAA CZ was signed, thus CAA CZ has achieved an equal partner position among European NAAs, furthermore it is integrated into few authorized European NAAs.

CAA CZ supports EASA to organize the EU/U.S. International Aviation Safety Conference 2007 held in Prague.