Director of the Civil Aviation Authority

David Jágr

Tel.: (secretary): +420 225 422 080

Director of the CAA CZ is its statutory body. He acts for the CAA in all matters, unless he delegates those tasks to other senior CAA employees. He represents the CAA towards the Ministry of Transport.

Director shall:

  • determine the concept of the activities of the CAA,
  • determine the main tasks of the CAA in accordance with its remit under the legislation,
  • approve the activity plans and budget of the CAA,
  • submit to the Minister of Transport the implementation outputs of the activities of the individual units of the CAA,
  • issue management acts to fulfill the tasks imposed by legislation,
  • decide on the organizational structure of the CAA and the responsibility of departments and senior staff and the number of staff in CAA departments,
  • decide on the salary grading of heads of departments,
  • decide on all labor law-related matters,
  • decide on the establishment, merger, division and cancellation of individual CAA departments,
  • decide on other matters upon his own discretion,
  • decide on proposals, in particular those of the replacement and liquidation committees,
  • appoint and dismiss the senior staff,
  • resolve disputes of competence between CAA departments and disputes between senior CAA staff directly under his control,
  • authorize and approve foreign business trips by CAA staff,
  • establish operational teams of experts led by task managers.
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