Recovery of pilot theoretical knowledge examinations

24. 11. 2020

Recovery of examinations: From 01.12.2020 CAA CZ recovers theoretical knowledge examinations of pilots in accordance with lift-up of extraordinary measures against spread of the Covid pandemic.

Logs in: All logs in made so far for the examinations in November and December 2020 have been cancelled. It is necessary to log in for the examinations from 01.12.2020 regardless if the applicant was logged in for November – December 2020 before. It is possible to log in for the examinations in 2021 as well.

Mouth screen: Each applicant shall wear a mouth screen covering respiratory holes during his whole visit to the CAA CZ building. There will be a possibility to receive a new mouth screen in the classroom in case of its degradation, e.g. due to its prolonged use.  

Entry to and stay in the CAA CZ building: All applicants are required to:

  • maintain mutual separation of min 2 metres
  • stay in the building for as short time as possible
  • not to get together in the lounge before or after the examination
  • leave the building as soon as the examination has been finished.

Disinfection of hands: Each applicant shall disinfect his hands by an agent that will be available in the classroom prior to the examination.

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