Emergency PZZ a důležité dokumenty k zachování letové způsobilosti letadel pro letadla zapsaná v Leteckém rejstříku ČR (od 07/2011)

Emergency AD’s and important documents for continuing airworthiness of aircraft registered in the Aircraft Register of the Czech Republic (from 07/2011) 



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Effective date



pdf.png2017-0225 EASA 01.12.2017 SCHROTH SAFETY PRODUCTS GmbH - Seat Restraint Systems  ATA 25 – Equipment / Furnishings – Seat Restraint Systems – AFM Amendment / Modification
pdf.png2017-0176-E EASA 18.09.2017 Leonardo S.p.A. Helicopters (formerly Finmeccanica S.p.A., AgustaWestland S.p.A., Agusta S.p.A.) A109E, A109LUH, A109S, AW109SP, A119 and AW119MKII helicopters, all serial numbers
ATA 62 – Main Rotor – Main Rotor Blades – Inspection / Replacemen 
pdf.png2017-0167-E EASA 08.09.2017 HPH, spol.s r.o., Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau GmbH a JSC Sportinė Aviacija ir KO – Motorové kluzáky Glasflügel 304 eS, Discus-2c FES and LAK-17B FES ATA 24 – Electrical Power – Front Electric Sustainer / Battery Pack – Modification
pdf.png2017-0151 EASA 01.09.2017 GE Aviation s.r.o. - dříve Walter Engines a.s. – Motory M601D, M601D‐1, M601D‐2, M601D‐11, M601D‐11NZ, M601E, M601E‐11, M601E‐11A, M601E‐11AS, M601E‐11S, M601E‐21, M601F, M601FS, M601F‐11, M601F‐22, M601F‐32, M601T, M601Z, H75-100, H75-200, H80, H80-100, H80-200, H85-100 a H85-200 ATA 72 – Engine – Exhaust System - Modification 
pdf.png2017-0064R1-E EASA 27.06.2017  SAFRAN Helicopter Engines, S.A. (dříve Turbomeca, S.A.) – Motory ARRIEL 1A1, 1A2, 1B, 1C, 1C1, 1C2, 1D, 1D1, 1E2, 1K, 1K1, 1S a 1S1 ATA 73 - Engine Fuel & Control - Drain Valve Assembly - Inspection / Replacement  
pdf.png2017-0101-E EASA   13.06.2017 BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co. KG (dříve BRP-Powertrain GmbH & Co. KG; Bombardier-Rotax GmbH & Co. KG; Bombardier-Rotax GmbH) – Motory  Rotax 912 iSc2 Sport a Rotax 912 iSc3  ATA 74 – Ignition – Ignition House Sealing Plug – Inspection 
pdf.png2017-0100 EASA   22.06.2017 GE Aviation s.r.o. - dříve Walter Engines a.s. – Motory
 M601D, M601D‐1, M601D‐2, M601D‐11, M601D‐11NZ, M601E, M601E‐11, M601E‐11A, M601E-11AS, M601E‐11S, M601E‐21, M601F, M601FS, M601F‐11, M601F‐22, M601F‐32, M601T M601Z
ATA 72 – Engine – Power Turbine Disc – Replacement 
pdf.png2017-0092-E EASA  23.05.2017 Société DUC – Vrtule H-FLR2_5-D-I_C  ATA 61 - Propellers - Removal from Service
pdf.png2017-0085-E EASA 16.05.2017   Leonardo S.p.A. Helicopters – Vrtulníky A109S a AW109SP ATA 55 - Stabilizers - Elevator Assembly - Inspections 
pdf.png2017-0072-E EASA  28.04.2017 Stemme AG (dříve Stemme GmbH & Co. KG) – Motorové kluzáky S10-VT a S12 ATA 61 - Propeller - Gearbox - Replacement / Modification 


EASA 14.03.2017 Leonardo S.p.A. Helicopters – Vrtulníky  A109E, A109LUH, A109S a AW109SP ATA 63 -  Main Rotor Drive – Engine and Transmission Oil Cooling System – Inspection / Modification 


EASA  09.02.2017 Airbus Helicopters - vrtulníky AS 350 B, AS 350 BA, AS 350 BB, AS 350 B1, AS 350 B2, AS 350 B3, AS 355 E, AS 355 F, AS 355 F1, AS 355 F2, AS 355 N a AS 355 NP ATA 05 - Tail Rotor - Pitch Rod - Inspection 


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Effective date



pdf.pngSIB 2017-03

EASA před dalším vzletem Všichni provozovatelé vrtulníků Helicopter Stabilised Hover Checks Before Departure
pdf.pngCASA 2017-01 Canada  22.02.2017 Helicopter Model R22, R22 Alpha, R22 Beta, and R22 Mariner Helicopters Robinson R22 Main Rotor Blade Fatigue Cracks 





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